One Year Later: The PAC Photographers Group

The following essay has been published in the September issue of ACES Magazine, a publication dedicated to Long Island’s Art, Culture, and Entertainment Scene.

Now on view at the Patchogue Arts Council (PAC) Members Gallery at Roast is a selection of artwork from the PAC Photographers Group that marks the one-year anniversary of its founding. Exhibiting artists include Diane Abell, Enitza Bionet, Maryanne Brandi, Mike Busch, Krystle DiNicola, Titus Kana, Dawn Tesoro, Mary White, and Violet Wicik.


Diane Abell, Backlit Mantis, 2014

Exhibited works are the winning entries of the monthly contest held by the Photographers Group with a different theme chosen every month by the winning artist. PAC Trustee Titus Kana, chairman of the group, set the first contest theme, Flora and Fauna. Diane Abell sent in the winning submission, Backlit Mantis, which captures a praying mantis in motion. The insect emerges from the left hand side of the composition as it twists its body and head to look behind it. It directs the viewer with its own gaze while its body suggests forward momentum that pulls the viewer in the opposite direction. Subsequent themes revolved around the notions of nature, the human figure, and photographic techniques such as time exposure and abstract blur.


Diane Abell, Frozen Sunset Bay, 2014

There is a strong emphasis on the scenic waterscapes found on Long Island. Diane Abell’s Frozen Sunset Bay and Mike Busch’s Bay Road are just two examples, both depicting sunsets over the Great South Bay. Abell’s photograph is a result of last winter’s overabundance of snow and ice. Here, she presents a tranquil image as snow blankets the sand with the bay partially encased in ice. Busch’s piece is a result of long-term time exposure. Here, the artist delayed the shutter speed of his camera, which sharpened stationary objects while blurring the moving elements, thus leaving us with a stunning sunset of rich detail.

Bay Road 13 seconds F9 10mm iso 100

Mike Busch, Bay Road, 2014

Dawn Tesoro’s Lily is the winning entry of the group’s Vegetation contest. Several lilies in full bloom with exposed stamens and beautiful pink and white petals dominate three-quarters of the composition. Tesoro focuses on these flowers so the viewer is able to make out every individual detail. In contrast, the top left corner of the composition is relatively bare, housing a single closed lily against an unfocused background.


Dawn Tesoro, Lily, 2014

Chairman Titus Kana has several works in the exhibition. Flash Lite is a self-portrait of the artist as he sits in shrubbery during the twilight hours with an orb-like light-painting dancing around him – a result of delaying the shutter speed. The strong flash of light to the left of the artist, along with the swirling curves of metallic blue, fight with the artist’s forward gaze for the viewer’s attention. Droplet appears much more abstract. The artist captures the moment when a droplet of water disturbs the serenity of a still body of water. Ripples emanate from the epicenter of the image reaching out to all four corners. The reflective quality of the water, along with the colors captured, gives a metallic quality to the image. Luna Sea portrays the bow of a ship projecting outward from the right-hand side of the composition as a beautiful full moon hovers in the background. These are just a few examples of the many talents of the PAC Photographers Group.


Titus Kana, Flash Lite, 2014

The PAC Photographers Group was established in September of 2013 and is dedicated to serving beginners, advanced amateurs, and professional photographers by fostering the growth and learning of the art of photography. Meetings are held the second Wednesday of every month at Shand’s Loft in the BrickHouse Brewery in Patchogue, NY from 7:30 – 9:30pm. Meetings consist of lessons on various photographic techniques, critiques, trivia, and more.


Titus Kana, Droplet, 2014

The Patchogue Arts Council and Roast Coffee and Tea Trading Company created the PAC Members Gallery at Roast in the summer of 2013 as an alternative exhibition venue where PAC members can exhibit their artwork. The Patchogue Arts Council is a non-profit corporation founded to promote, encourage, and support the arts on the greater south shore of the Town of Brookhaven. In addition to exhibiting artwork and brewing remarkable coffee, Roast Coffee and Tea Trading Co. host weekly open mic nights on Tuesdays and Fridays, and a monthly poetry night on the first Saturday of every month. One Year Later: The PAC Photographers Group is on display at the PAC Members Gallery at Roast from September 14 – October 26, 2014. An opening reception will be held at the space on Sunday, September 21, from 2 – 4pm.

Jay Schuck, Exhibition Coordinator/Curator

Titus Kana, Luna Sea, 2014

Titus Kana, Luna Sea, 2014


PAC MAC in Long Island Advance

August 28, 2014 – our first printed press is published today in the Long Island Advance in regards to the upcoming PAC MAC Festival, taking place throughout Patchogue this October 17 – 26, 2014. Read the article, written by Linda Leuzzi, for all the details.


PatchWorks 2014 Digital Gallery


Brian Gutman

Brian Gutman, Carnival, 2014

Kristen Hadjoglou

Kristen Hadjoglou, Untitled, 2013

Kelly Heider

Kelly Heider, Less Than Three, 2014

Lorraine Rimmelin

Lorraine Rimmelin, The Beginning, 2012

L. B. Volle

L. B. Volle, Nuts, 2014

Jennifer Lucas

Jennifer Lucas, Chinese Lantern, 2013

Anne T. Baum

Anne T. Baum, Abstract #2, 2011

Eric Murphy

Eric Murphy, Hynogogic Monster, 2013

NOKIA Lumia 710_001539

Brian Hogan, Transformation of Matter: Landscape, 2014

Kristin Macukas

Kristin Macukas, Cellular Dysplasia, 2013

Lisa Pekter Mintz

Lisa Pekter Mintz, Family Crest, 2013

Claudia Mirzaali

Claudia Mirzaali, Whispering Roar of Shimmering Bulb, 2014,

John Cino

John Cino, Blue Fin, 2014

Jennifer Berotti

Jennifer Berotti, Hopptopuses Garden, 2014

Josef Kapsa

Josef Kapsa, South Bay, 2013

Krystle L. DiNicola

Krystle L. DiNicola, Sailing on the Sound, 2013

JoAnn Zambito

JoAnn Zambito, Rocks on the Bay, 2008

Titus Kana

Titus Kana, Frozen in Time, 2009

Mac Titus

Mac Titmus, Summer Kisses, 2014

Linda Beckerman

Linda Beckerman, Setauket – Autumn, 1998

Beth Giacummo, Lilla Blomst (Purple Bloom), 2014

Beth Giacummo, Lilla Blomst (Purple Bloom), 2014

Megan McAllister

Megan McAllister, House on the Bluff, 2014

Tina Folks

Tina Folks, Kachina, 2012

Felicitas Wetter

Felicitas Wetter, Ancient Fresco, 2012

Ted Stamatelos

Ted Stamatelos, The Origin of Language #6, 2013

Dave Rogers

Dave Rogers, He Was Her Moon & She Was His Sun, 2014

Gina Lento

Gina Lento, Out and About, 2014

Patchogue Sketch Club Member

Cynthia Fox, Sketchbook #1, 2014

Patchogue Sketch Club Member

Joan Tavolott, Local Sketches, 2014

Patchogue Sketch Club Member

Reuven Gayle, Sketchbook 8.28.11 to 3.9.14, 2011 – 2014

Patchogue Sketch Club Member

Marianne Thorvaldsen, Sketch Book – Patchogue Sketch Club, 2014

Patchogue Sketch Club Member

Rosanne O’Reilly, Sketchbook, 2013 – 2014

Patchogue Sketch Club Member

Liz Macchio, Sketchbook, 2014

Kathryn Ko

Kathryn Ko, Hawaiian Sun, 2014

Linda Abadjian

Linda Abadjian, Chouf Mountains, 2012

PatchWorks 2014 at Patchogue Arts Gallery

My first curatorial effort in the Patchogue Arts Gallery will close on August 30, 2014. Here are a few photos of the exhibition along with the announcement card. It was such a pleasure to select and place all the artwork. I think it came out pretty well. The exhibition was well received and had a large turn out at the reception. I will try to create a digital gallery of the exhibition before it closes. Looking forward to curating more shows in the space in the future.


NOKIA Lumia 710_001526 NOKIA Lumia 710_001531 NOKIA Lumia 710_001532

NOKIA Lumia 710_001565 NOKIA Lumia 710_001567

Digital Gallery of PAC Photographers Group at Roast

Read more about in ACES Magazine (pages 8 & 9).

PAC Photographers Group Roast Card Final

Mike Busch, Bay Road, 2014

Mike Busch, Bay Road, 2014

Diane Abell, Frozen Sunset Bay, 2014

Diane Abell, Frozen Sunset Bay, 2014

Enitza Bionet, Under Bridge Virgin Colors, 2014

Enitza Bionet, Under Bridge Virgin Colors, 2014

Mary White, Masts, 2014

Mary White, Masts, 2014

Titus Kana, Luna Sea, 2014

Titus Kana, Luna Sea, 2014

Titus Kana, Flash Lite, 2014

Titus Kana, Flash Lite, 2014

Krystle DiNicola, Jenni, 2014

Krystle DiNicola, Jenni, 2014

Maryanne Brandi, Granny's Gift, 2014

Maryanne Brandi, Granny’s Gift, 2014

Violet Wicik, Paragliding, 2013

Violet Wicik, Paragliding, 2013

Diane Abell, Backlit Mantis, 2013

Diane Abell, Backlit Mantis, 2013

Dawn Tesoro, Lily, 2014

Dawn Tesoro, Lily, 2014

Titus Kana, Droplet, 2014

Titus Kana, Droplet, 2014